Foodies Unite

Hello, everyone! I’m so excited that you’ve decided to join me in my conquest of good food!  I love to eat and trying new food is one of my greatest joys!  Theoretically, I should probably be 500 lbs but I promise I’m not and I exercise in an attempt to stay healthy.

In this section, you can expect to find reviews on restaurants as well as my cooking adventures.  I’m not the most domestic of women and I’m most certainly not competing on Master Chef anytime soon but I do enjoy cooking.  More specifically I love baking (remember my sweet tooth)!  Therefore, on top of reviews of the “coolest” eats in YYC & YEG you’ll find recipes as well as life hacks on making your time in the kitchen easier and more efficient…Learn from my mistakes people!

I love feedback so if you’ve tried an amazing restaurant or have some fun recipes to share please do not hesitate to comment.  Until next time — dream, explore, adventure!


Trotting Traveller ♥