A Head Full of Dreams — The Coldplay Concert

Hello Trotters, guess who’s back on the blogging scene!  You guessed right, the Trotting Traveller!  Firstly, can I just say that 2017 has just been flying by… I can’t believe we’re already into October… less than 3 months away from Christmas (OMG). On this week’s blog, I’m bringing you a post about my experience at the recent Coldplay concert that took place in Edmonton.

For starters, Coldplay is a British Rock Band that formed in 1996 with lead singer Chris Martin, guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman & Drummer Will Champion.  They officially became known as Coldplay in 1998 after all members of the band had joined.  This means that they have been singing for 20 years … wow talk about experience and dedication. If you don’t recognize them by name you may be familiar with some of their music played on the top 40 countdown, they are responsible for many of my favourite songs!

Personally, I have been a Coldplay fan for as long as I can remember — I’m not going to lie, when one of my friends went to their show in Chicago I was super jealous.  But to my delight they announced a tour to Alberta soon after and rainbows & ponies were seen once again.  Even though I would have prefered them visit Calgary, Edmonton is a close enough option without being inconvenient AND bonus I got to check out the new Rogers Stadium once again.  Can I just say this, the plush seats, fabulous acoustics & general feel of the stadium made my concert viewing experience amazing!  I’m sure I would have loved the group even if I were standing in a mosh pit, but it’s nice to have an adult experience involving chairs.

The show it’s self began with two openers — Alina Baraz & Tove Lo.  Alina Baraz (someone I’d never heard of) was ….okay I guess.  The songs she played were slow and sounded somewhat depressing.  She did no dance moves but merely walked across the stage pulling her jacket over her shoulders and then removing it again to expose her shoulders.  While she was performing, majority of the stadium was empty.  Overall, I will not be downloading her album anytime soon.

The second opener was Tove Lo, who was GREAT! They are a Swedish group who played upbeat songs and really got the crowd going for the headliner.  While there wasn’t much choreography per say, there were some dance moves.  While I had never heard of the group before, I realized I had actually heard some of their music on the radio.  It was a pleasant surprise to see them in concert and I’ve downloaded their albums (from iTunes)!

Now for the main attraction….WOW.  The show was spectacular.  When you entered you were given a wrist bad (for free) and during the performance the wrist bands would light up in various colours so that in the dark all you could see was the glow of the bands.  It made you feel like you were connected to something bigger and for that brief lapse of time everyone was there for the purpose of screaming and singing together.  I think now is a good time to apologize for my poor videography skills… oops sorry but you’re welcome for bringing the incredible atmosphere to you.

They showed various people from previous concerts representing their country with their flag and even sang about Edmonton in one of their songs!  They are great performers and interacted with their audience throughout the show.  At one point the lead singer Chris Martin stopped the show because he thought his guitar wasn’t tuned (not sure if this was a planned stop or just happened) but it was funny to watch them stop & start again.

Their line up of songs included both new and old music — they even took an Instagram request which was super cool.  They played Adventures of Lifetime, Something Just Like This & Hyme for the Weekend — I pretty much went crazy and nearly lost my voice.  I think that’s the best way to judge if a concert was good — how close were you to losing your voice.  For example, last year I went to the Kanye West Concert, it was terrible, you couldn’t see him floating around on the stage (it could have been anyone up there) and I left with voice intact but with the Backstreet Boys concert I actually completely lost my voice.

The show had a fantastic light show, balloons and streamers.  The vibe was electric, it’s making it impossible to want to go back to the reality of work and responsibilities. I think the only part of the concert I didn’t like was the fact that it took place on a Tuesday night.  Like many of you, I work so a Tuesday concert in YEG required time off.

I give my Coldplay experience ♥♥♥♥♥ out of 5 hearts!  If you haven’t checked out their album a Head Full of Dreams I encourage you to do so!


Trotting Traveller ♥