Summer & Fall 2017 Fashions from Designer Malika Rajani

Hello, Trotters & welcome back to another fabulous blog post!  I trust everyone had an enjoyable weekend and now it’s back to work for another busy week (bring on the coffee).  I’m super excited to share my weekend escapades with you!  If you follow my instastories you already had a tiny sneak peak on Saturday.  This past weekend, my adventures included a collaboration with YYC’s own fashion designer — Malika Rajani!!  In a previous blog post, I wrote about the PARKone fashion event where I first met Malika and had the opportunity to talk to her about her clothing designs and see them first hand, on the run way (pretty much like Carrie Bradshaw).

Malika was born and raised in India (the land of delicious food, gorgeous sarees & fun festivals) but currently calls both Toronto & Calgary her home.  Prior to pursuing a career in fashion, she was a financial controller at an auto company.  She quickly realized that her passion did not lie in number crunching.  From a young age, Malika loved art and design.  She decided to take this love one step further & apply it to textiles and style.  She left YYC to study at Parsons School of Design where she was able to intern for designers like Ralph Lauren & John Varvatos!  After completing school she was back in Calgary and like a total #bossbabe launched her own clothing line — Malika.

Personally, I love Malika’s style.  Her clothing line has unique details, is of high quality & fits well.  But, perhaps the biggest reason is how versatile her clothing is.  Let’s face it ladies… we’re all busy.  Working full time and trying to have a life on top of that doesn’t necessarily allow for several wardrobe changes in one day.  Her clothing line can be taken from daytime to nighttime in 5 min… change you lipstick and throw on a different pair of heels … VOILA, instant wardrobe change.

I think about the kinds of things I would want to wear and make my designs from there…simple and classy — Malika Rajani

With this collaboration not only did I get to know Malika and her styles better, I actually got to model her clothing lines too!  If you’ve read the “about me” page you’ll know that my formal training does not lie in modelling (it’s much less glamorous I assure you).  I got the opportunity to do a photoshoot for her Spring & Fall 2017 Collections.  While her spring line was available at the fashion event in May, her fall line hasn’t even been launched yet!  So… the Trotting Traveller is bringing you fresh new styles that are going to be debuted during Fashion Week in New York later this year (#blessed).  Okay turn on some catwalk music and read on friends!


The Piper Leather Bomber Jacket 

The Piper Leather Jacket from Malika’s Spring Collection

The first item I showcased was The Piper Leather Bomber Jacket.  This jacket fits SO WELL and I absolutely love the colour — army green.  It can add a touch of spice to any outfit (jeans, dress pants, skirts or dresses — see dress up or dress down).  Not only is the jacket versatile, the details are stunning.  Look at the basket weave and zipper details on the front!  With this jacket, you’re sure to be stylish!

In this picture I’m wearing a size small… the jacket fits snug so if you were looking to layer over thicker material you may want to size up.

Serenity Jacket 

Malika Rajanis Spring Fashion Line

The Serenity Jacket is a longer version of a bomber jacket (which is also available).  This is a prime example of how Malika listens to her clients to come up with fresh new designs.  People loved the floral bomber jacket, however, they wanted something longer (to cover up their butts because let’s face it….we don’t all have bodies like Jennifer Aniston).  From these comments, the Serenity Jacket was born!

The floral design makes it the perfect addition to everyone’s spring/summer wardrobe.  The leather details add flair to the jacket while giving you flexibility with the type pants you may choose to pair with it.  For example, I love leggings (GASP…now you know my little secret). This jacket is perfect to throw on top of leggings but will also work with dress pants if you’re going to the office. In this picture, I’m wearing a size small.


Malika Rajani’s Fall Fashion Line

Take a look at the Sasha! I LOVE this piece.  It’s so trendy  — you can’t help but feel glamorous wearing it!

The material is incredibly soft and the fur collar adds a stylish touch while keeping you cozy.  Comfort is a huge concern for me; clothing items should not only look good but feel good as well!

The belt cinches in the waist, making everyone look slim and the slightly shorter front adds an interesting visual detail.  Overall, the jacket is simple yet classic a timeless piece that you can wear anywhere!

This jacket also fits snug, in this picture I’m wearing a size small.



The Suri Jacket from Malika’s Fall Line Up

How adorable is the Suri jacket?! This jacket is super fun with its leather & zipper detail on the sleeves and it’s loose fit.  The cape style is perfect if you don’t like having snug fitting jackets or want to layer.  Like all of Malika’s clothing, this jacket is very versatile in what you can pair it with!  Just imagine skinny jeans, ankle boots & this jacket — BOOM you’re a total hottie and bonus… you’re super comfortable.

The jacket length comes to my mid thigh which is nice if you’re not into the long jacket look or if (like me you’re shot) and simply don’t want to be lost in the excess material.

In this picture, I’m wearing a size small and while the body of the jacket is loose and flowy the arms and shoulders fit nice and snug!  Just a couple tips when purchasing the item.


The Esmee from Malika’s Fall Fashion line up

So this jacket may be my favourite of them all, I absolutely loved the way the jacket fit! It’s shorter than the previous two, hitting my hips perfectly.

It has details on the front & the back which isn’t frequently seen, PLUS it has a hood! I’m not sure you know the number of trendy jackets that lack a hood… I happen to like to keep my hair dry in the rain thank you.

I love the off centre zipper adding a subtle visual. The crisscross detail on collar and arms is beautiful and not something you see regularly with this type of material.

Overall the jacket gives you an “edgy” look, in the picture, I’m wearing a size small.

This concludes the Trotting Traveller fashion show.  I had so much fun working with Malika on this collaboration — she has a great personality and is very down to earth.  You can tell how much she enjoys designing her clothing line by the way she passionately talks about her upcoming projects.  Her fall line will be debuted during the New York Fashion week, but since all of us can’t jump on a plane and trot over to NYC, you can check out her line at ESPY right here in YYC or check out her website!  I hope this post gave you some ideas for your next #OOTD because in the famous words of Coco Chanel

Everyday is a fashion show & the world is the runway — Coco Chanel


Trotting Traveller ♥

(Disclaimer: In this collaboration, I in no way receive any royalties  from your purchases)