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Hello, fellow trotters and welcome back to another informative blog post!  Pretty much everyone in our generation has a smartphone… what am I saying most people in my parent’s generation have smartphones too — I even know a bunch of people in their 90’s who have one!  So this shows how important technology and phones are to our daily lives.  I also recently dropped mine — on cement — and smashed half my screen.  I learned quickly how reliant we are on our phones.  Personally, I do almost everything (short of blogging) on my phone.

I thought with this week’s realization it would be a great time to discuss my top ten apps that make me happy — they make me “appy” if you will — if you laughed at that you are my favourite person ever!


Whatsapp is a great medium for instant messaging.  It can use either data or wifi and allows you to stay in touch with friends and family in other parts of the world & bonus you won’t have to pay a long distance fee (I come from a time where this was an actual issue).  One of the other great features is that you can have group chats — that way discussing upcoming events or staying in touch with a large group of people is incredibly easy!

Whatsapp has recently grown in popularity and they have added some new features including video calling, voice calling, status updates and the ability to add a display picture.  This allows you to personalize your experience with the app.

Another great feature is that you can see when your message has been delivered to the other party as well as when the message has been displayed on their phone.  If the other users allow, you can also tell the last time they were online.

As I mentioned above, I recently smashed my phone screen.  With Whatsapp you can use a function called “whatsapp web” whereby scanning a code on the screen your conversations can appear on your computer.  And don’t worry you won’t lose those messages you sent or received on the computer they will be saved on your mobile device as well.


Instagram is one of my favourite social media sites.  I love pictures and this app allows for quick picture sharing.  There is an in-app ability to filter your images so you can show your pictures at their best.

Lately, they have added a new feature (to compete with SnapChat) you can have “instastories” where it can be live video or a picture that your followers can view.  They have fun filters and the entire story disappears in 24 hours.

Because privacy is a huge concern amongst many people you have the option of keeping your account private where people can request to follow you OR you can keep your profile public and people from all over the world can see your images and follow you.  Check out my account @trottingtraveller for fun pictures about travel, food & fashion.


So as a lot of you fellow millennials already know, adulting is hard.  One of the biggest components of being a “responsible” adult is budgeting and living within your means.  This app is great for tracking your expenses and earnings.  You can add your bank account as well as your credit cards.  Each week it gives you an update on how you did in saving your money and keeping within your budget (which you set).  It allows you to see exactly where all your money is going.

If you look at mine…you’ll see that I spend a great deal of money on eating out.  Knowing this I can set goals for myself to eat out less and then each month I can see if improved.

The app itself is very streamlined and user-friendly;  you can set your own spending categories or choose from the pre-set list they have available.


I’m just going to come out and say it… gas is expensive!  Take it from someone who drives a lot and fills up at least once per week.  This app gives you not only the gas stations that are close to you (because let’s face it your gas light has come on) it also tells you where, in relation to you, the cheapest gas is!  It helps you save some money, which at the beginning doesn’t seem like much, but eventually, you could buy new shoes instead!

In Calgary, I’ve noticed that consistently the Shell in Kensington has the cheapest gas in the city — fun fact courtesy of the Trotting Traveller!


Ever try making plans with 5 other people, just figuring out a date that works can be exhausting.  Then to figure out what everyone wants to eat and then trying to get a reservation at that particular place may make you want to slam your head into a wall.  With this app, you can check for reservations for however many people you want.  An email is sent to your preferred email address to confirm the reservation and with Android devices, the reservation is put right into your calendar and reminders are sent directly to you — even with the amount of time it will take to get there in current traffic!  This cuts down on a lot of unnecessary phoning.  On OpenTable, you can also view the menu for the restaurant as well as reviews and ratings.  You also collect points for every reservation you keep and eventually you can redeem them for a free meal!

Skip The Dishes

So as you know from previous posts, I love to eat!  However, I don’t necessarily like to cook — especially if it’s just for myself.  This app allows you to order food from restaurants that do not normally have a delivery service.  The app tells you what the delivery fee will be up front and you have the ability to order from the standard menu which you would see if you had gone to the restaurant. The app also allows you to track your order from the restaurant confirming they received it to when the driver picks up the meal to when they are right at your door.  The app even sends you a notification when the driver is a few moments away so you are ready by the door!

It’s important to know that his app is a third party service, so they do not work for the restaurant as a delivery company.  They are free agents that work for Skip the Dishes.

Google Trips

This app is AMAZING for trip planning.  It gives you the typical tourist sites, location, site information — it can basically plan your entire trip for you.  Including flights and costs.  This is a great place to at least start your planning, especially if you are going to a new destination.


So back to planning things with friends or meetings with colleagues.  Everyone is busy with different schedules.  This app allows you to see when everyone is free at the same time, you list out potential dates for meetings or events and invite participants to select all the options that would be available to them.  Quick and easy!  This can be done on your computer as well as your mobile device and the participants do not need to download the app for them to use it.  Only people CREATING the doodle must have the app or web access.

Google Maps

I’m always getting lost, and I mean ALWAYS.  This app is a lifesaver — it gives you voiced step by step directions on how to get to your destination.  It also shows the map on the screen as well and gives you upcoming directions for your next turn.  It can even give you the option of mapping out different methods of transportation — train, bus, car or walking.  If only it would show me the nearest parking spot (especially street parking downtown or public lots) then this app would be a godsend.


Who doesn’t like a sale or coupon?!  I LOVE getting good deals — with this app, you have all kinds of promotional offers to products, restaurants, clothing, electronics & much, much more.  The only dangerous part of this app is the fact that you could end up spending a tonne of money by accident.  Also, it’s important to note that each Groupon has an expiry date, double check with the provider that they are willing to accept “expired” Groupons.


Personally, I use all these apps regularly, so I hope this post helps your app needs!  Until next time dream, explore, adventure


Trotting Traveller ♥



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