PARKONE Fashion Event in Calgary

Hello, friends!  Welcome back to the Trotting Traveller blog. This week we’re talking about one of my favourite topics… FASHION!  That’s right we’re talking about clothing and accessories. Last weekend I attended a fashion show that debuted some of the newest styles.  It was basically like being in LA without having to deal with airports…OMG!  Being a bit of a fashionista myself, I, of course, dressed up in a # OOTD (which you can check out on my Instagram), a silver pleated skirt, black crop top & accesorized with gold jewellery and black sandal heels.

This three-day event was brought to Calgary through a collaboration between PARK & Mode Models. This year was especially exciting because we were also celebrating Mode Models’ 30th anniversary… sadly there was no cake to commemorate this special moment (someone tell the organizers about this great tragedy).

PARK is an agency that promotes Canadian talent — designers & artists.  They want to support locals who are aspiring entrepreneurs. They do this by hosting four events annually bringing people together to showcase their talent.  You may have heard of some of these events:

PARKLUXE: An event that showcases established designers and high-end fashion — oh couture 

PARKSHOW: This event is targeted to showcase aspiring talent — it allows them to gain exposure to their brand as well as expand their client base.

PARKFORUM: This is not an event but rather a seminar.  The aim here is to teach people how to grow their business and make it sustainable in the future. 

SHOWROOM: This is a curated show that gives designers and buyers an intimate space to collaborate.  

To learn more about PARK join the fashion chat @ourparkonline.

The show that I attended was the PARKSHOW which featured up-and-coming designers such as Kate Hewko, Lennard Taylor, Gypsy Soul, Malika Rajani & The Year of the Ram (just to name a few).  In the marketplace portion, local businesses from Inglewood were invited to participate as well.  They had booths from Adorn Boutique, Espy & Bamboo Ballroom you can check out a previous blog post highlighting the styles they sell.

I only had tickets to the events on Saturday which began at 7 pm with the marketplace and a chatting session with the designers.  At 9 pm the runway was light up and we all took our seats.  I had second-row seats which gave incredible views of the styles as well as goody bags…ahhh!  I should pretty much be friends with Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City.

The show was held at the Yellow Warehouse in Inglewood — a really artsy location (perfect for the event) even though the ground was filthy.  There were signature cocktails and wine available on the premises to give a feeling of grandeur and opulence — there’s nothing like sipping wine and checking out the latest fashions.

Okay, enough facts and details … I’m sure you’re dying to hear the scoop on the actual trends!

Lennard Taylor 

This designer also knows how to put on a show for his audience.  While the runway models were showing off their clothes he had one model stand on a platform & handpainted her outfit in front of EVERYONE!  It was incredible to watch and the end product was phenomenal.  While his style is on the simple side, the hand painted details really add a unique touch.  No two items will be identical.  His clothing line features styles for both men and women!  This is definitely a designer worth checking out!

 Gypsy Soul 

I’d have to say this is one of my favourite summer styles.  It has a more bohemian look to it — with colourful fabrics and more flowy articles of clothing.  It’s the perfect attire to lounge in or make a statement at a summer fling.  This fun style is sure to be a big hit this year, especially since they are calling for a really HOT summer!


This designer is all about comfort.  The low crotch pants similar to the ever popular zanerobes.  I have to be honest, this style didn’t impress me much.  It’s just not my thing, however, several other people were interested.  I felt the pants looked funny and I don’t see why (at least for women) we need low crotch pants… we can wear leggings instead.  On the plus side though, the items are made in Calgary with only organic material and designers are really friendly and helpful!

Malika Rajani 

Malika’s line is contemporary & chic, taking fun patterns and pairing them with every girl’s favourite — Leather!  Her couture style is slim fitting (unlike Gypsy Soul) and would less likely be considered lounging wear but rather more of a #Bossbabe look.  The quality of the clothing is high-end & she has debuted her styles on runways in Paris & New York!  You might think that with leather you may only get black or brown pieces but Malika brilliantly combines colour & prints in her styles.

UNI (You & I)

The UNI label is a combination of comfort & style that reflects the “everyday girl”.  They include pieces that are unique but also functional for the hundred things that we all have on the go at any given time.  The colours & patterns are fun and would be super easy to accessorize with necklaces and bangles.  Their collection is both work appropriate but comfortable as well — it’s for career girls who don’t necessarily want to be super flashy every day.

During intermission was the perfect time to check out the … GOODY BAGS!  We got not one, but two goody bags…GASP.  The first bag was from Dior and contained a lipstick pallet as well as a perfume tester.  I’m not a big perfume person so that part was kinda disappointing.  The second bag had more items; lip gloss, hairspray, a bracelet & a coffee scented body scrub!  While I haven’t tried the products yet I’m always super excited about grab bags.

Overall, I had a really fun & fashion-filled evening at the PARKShow; I will certainly be attending again next year and I can’t wait for their second show — PARKLUXE later this year!  Until we catwalk into our next blog post dream, explore, adventure!


Trotting Traveller ♥