Inexpensive Mother’s Day

Hello, Trotters and welcome back to another entertaining blog post…by Moi!  Mother’s day is just around the corner, in fact, it’s tomorrow… GASP.  While I’m sure there are many angelic kids out there that have already completely planned their mother’s day, I’m sure there are a few where this special day may have… slipped their mind!  But not to worry, the Trotting Traveller is here to lend a hand.  In this post, I wanted to share 5 inexpensive ways to show your mom you care without breaking the bank.  I was inspired to do this after I found out Mother’s Day tea at The Banff Springs Hotel is $80/person for mini-sandwiches and tea … that is CRAZY.  I’m not saying that mother’s don’t deserve this because they do; I just know there are other ways to make her feel loved.

Home Spa Day

Now, this sounds like it would be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.  You can put together the perfect spa package.  Pre-packaged face masks at any drug store are a few dollars.  Coupled with a back massage and her favourite bottle of nail polish BOOM.. a nice relaxing mother’s day.  Add a cup of coffee or tea and I guarantee you’ll be her number one kid!

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed, this just sounds perfect to me.  This is a relatively simple and yet lovely gesture.  Prepare your mom’s favourite food and morning beverage — pancakes, oatmeal, waffles — anything she likes.  Just try not to do what I nearly did — When I was a kid, one year I almost set fire to the house…yup you read correctly.  It was almost a nightmare on mother’s day but thankfully everything worked out in the end.

Scrapbook the Perfect Card

I’m an artsy person and I love scrapbooking — either paper scrapbook or the digital scrapbooks that you can have printed.  Making a card can be simple, you don’t necessarily need all the fancy cutouts. In my opinion, the wording of the card is most important, a special & thoughtful message would mean the world to her.  Try to make it more creative than “Happy Mother’s Day”.


While my mom is not an outdoorsy person and this would not be on her list of “perfect ways to spend mother’s day”, I know several moms love camping and hiking.  Spending the day together in the mountains can be relaxing and refreshing!  Plus, it’s a great way to chit chat and if you’re like my mom and me, the day will be full of misadventures.


No one and I mean NO ONE likes chores.  They are the least fun part of #adulting.  So take the day and give your mom a break… do the chores she normally would do.  Most moms would appreciate having the vacuuming, dishes and laundry done — and if you’re feeling brave…the dreaded bathrooms.  This is probably the least fun way for you to spend mother’s day but I know it will be a real crowd pleaser.

I hope this helps you have a fantastic mother’s day!  Until next time Dream, Explore, Adventure.


Trotting Traveller ♥