Ollia — Delightful Macarons & Tea

Bonjour, Bonjour!  Welcome to another blog post with the Trotting Traveller — this time with a French twist!  Don’t worry, my french speaking days are over — not that they really began in the first place honestly.  Today I wanted to tell you about a cute little cafe I found on 17th Ave called Ollia.  Mini story time — The name of this cafe is funny because growing up Ollia was a nickname given to me by one of my friends…it’s like my finding this cafe was meant to be (Fate)!  The minute I set foot inside I was in love — the decor is white with pastel colours — very feminine.  Bonus they sell one of my favourite desserts…MACARONS (YUM)!  So many different flavours, it is incredible — each flavour is distinct and most important, incredibly DELICIOUS!  Of course, I bought a box of twelve (obviously for sharing … maybe).

The shop is owned by a couple originally from France — which explains why it’s so elegant (I have always thought French cafés were the most dainty).  However, the shop itself is small with no room for sitting inside.  They do have pink tables and chairs set up outside so you can enjoy the summer sun & dessert at the same time (BINGO)! They not only sell macarons but they are a tea joint as well, with several different options.  Being a coffee girl myself I didn’t try any of the teas so if you have, feel free to comment below.  What’s also special is that they support other local businesses by selling some of their products.  For example, Drizzle is a natural honey that is locally founded right here in Calgary!

For my box of twelve, the flavours I picked are chocolate hazelnut, chocolate coconut, pistachio, cotton candy, crème brûlée, rose & chocolate peanut butter.  The rose macaron had the most subtle flavour of them all — I can’t really describe it, but it is how I imagine blush pink to taste like if we could taste colours.  The cotton candy was probably the most “daring” of flavours I picked and it tasted like a carnival in your mouth…so amazing & even topped with sprinkles!  This flavour brought out the little kid in me again.  Of all the flavours I think my favourite was probably the chocolate coconut — I could be biased though since I have ALWAYS loved this combination of flavours.

I would recommend this macaron shop to any locals or tourists.  It’s beautiful, set right in the middle of the YYC hustle and bustle.  I would give this place ♥♥♥♥♥ out of 5 hearts.  This would make the perfect gift for mother’s day (which… hint hint is coming up in a few weeks) or as party/wedding favours (something to think about future brides)!  For more information visit the Ollia website, including classes on how to make the delicious delectable!  Merci.


Trotting Traveller ♥