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Hello, hello all you lovely people and welcome back to the Trotting Traveller blog! I have to admit I’m really looking forward to summer — bathing suits, weird tan lines, summer dresses, sandals, colourful drinks & patios– ahh that’s the life, kick back and get some rays!  I love not having to wear a hundred layers of clothing so as to avoid frost bite (okay okay it’s really not that bad).  While travelling to new destinations is exhilarating, I know that summer in Alberta can be a lot of fun too.  I thought this week I would highlight some of the events that occur here at home for all locals & visitors! Here are my top four Calgary summer events (only four because my fifth favourite event has sadly been cancelled):

  1. Chasing Summer: This is by far one of my favourite events in Calgary!  It’s a two day outdoor electronic dance music festival showcasing the top DJ’s from around the world!  Historically the event has been held in Aug — usually over the long weekend.  I’ve seen Tiësto, Hardwell & The Chainsmokers — AHHHH. I’m super in love with the songs “Don’t Let Me Down” & “Feel it in my Bones”. Previously this event was held at Forte Calgary, but recently the festival has been relocated to the Max Bell Center (just off of Deerfoot Trail).  The unfortunate thing about this change is that it is no longer central (so not really walking distance for anyone) and there is no parking allowed at the Max Bell Center.  So you’re pretty much stuck using public transit or getting a ride (Uber, friend or cab).  However, in addition to the great music the event features several different food trucks for your eating pleasure — hamburgers, hot dogs, skewers — Yummm.  If you buy a VIP pass then you are able to use the indoor washroom facilities — which for me is a given since outhouses are gross.  The VIP Pass has other benefits as well, such as a private bar area and separate observation area (in case you don’t like crowds).  On top of the food and music this event is for 18+ only, meaning alcohol is in abundance making for a really fun weekend.  The dress code is pretty much anything you want — mostly colourful items (some people use this as an opportunity  to dress, lets say, less than lady like) I mainly wear rompers with sandals.  This year I’m planning on adding a flower crown to my ensemble!  Personally, I’ve been to this event three times now; the first time I was silly and bought a ticket for the wrong day as I had wanted to see Tiësto and ended up seeing Hardwell instead (not a bad alternative but honestly I need to actually read things before leaping into action).  Moral of the story here, make sure you check which day each artist is playing before buying tickets (if you only want to go for one day).  Also last year was the first year that it rained/ hailed on us which was a bummer; therefore make sure you wear weather appropriate clothes! For tickets and information on this year’s line up and ticket information take a look at .
  2. Stampede: This event is likely one of the most popular events in the city — people come from all around the world to experience The Calgary Stampede.  This is a week long event that features unique culinary dishes, rides, fireworks, artists & of course horses (wagon races and rodeos).  The entire city participates beginning with pancake breakfasts hosted by various businesses (I love pancakes!).  Everyone wears jeans and cowboy hats and believe me the booze is flowing.  It’s a fun event that attracts people of all ages — there are attractions for children and events catered for young adults.  I usually take a full day to visit the stampede — personally for me it’s all about the food (of course). I’ve had deep fried Mars bars, deep fried Oreos, Nutella glazed mini donuts, PD Dumbbells — I’m starting to drool while writing this.  It’s part of the stampede experience to eat strange but delicious foods — one year they had scorpion pizza — OMG!  I of course didn’t try that, because well lets face it, I’m not that brave.  For more information on this event check out (all Stampede related images are from this website).
  3. Slide the City: Think back to when you were a kid, how fun was it to go to the amusement parks & water slides.  Now think about closing down several blocks of road in the middle of a city and turning it into a giant water slide! Yup, not joking, that is what happens with slide the city.  It is 1000 feet of glorious vinyl that makes up a giant slip n slide; suitable for children & adults.  It’s so much fun; you can buy one slide, three slides or unlimited slides.  The first year I went, I only did one slide — this was not enough, and I was green with envy when I saw others who had chosen multiple slides.  The second year I chose three slides, this was the perfect number — I wouldn’t necessarily do unlimited because you do have to stand in line to get to the slide and actual sliding time is only a few minutes.  An important fact to know is that you must use a tube to go down the slide — either bring your own or you purchase one at the check in booth.  Also, while disembarking from the slide at the bottom, I recommend being careful.  The first time I attended this event another slider slide right into  me as I was getting out and I fell in giant heap…booo.  For more information on dates and tickets visit
  4. Lilac Festival: So the name of this festival is misleading — it is not all about flowers like I had originally thought.  I got there and embarrassingly I asked my friends where all the flowers were.  They looked at me like I was crazy.  The Lilac festival spans 4th street and is usually held in June.  You’re able to purchase items made locally from over 500 vendors!!  They have some really beautiful things, I’m a bit of a fashionista and don’t like to wear things that other people have.  These types of booths are perfect for one of a kind pieces.  On top of the various vendors they also have live entertainment where they showcase local talented musicians and display paintings from local artists.  This festival is a great way to kick of the festival season and shake the winter blues! For more information visit (all Lilac Festival Images are from this website).

Well there you have it folks; summers in Calgary are fun (as long as it isn’t raining).  I have many other fun summer stories to share, but you’ll have to wait until future posts to read about them!  In the meantime, make sure you add one or all of these events to your schedule this year!!  If you know of any other fun events, don’t hesitate to comment below!


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