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RoundieHello, all you beautiful people & welcome back to another blog post!  Have you ever gone all the way to the mailbox and come back disappointed — only hate mail (bills) & spam (flyers) waiting for you?  I have, all the time… in fact I often wait weeks to get the mail, because there is rarely anything worth receiving (especially in the winter).  Where I live mail does not come to you doorstep (like it did when I was a kid…I just aged myself didn’t I) instead we are all assigned a box down the street.  I long for the simpler days when all you had to do was open the door & the mail was waiting for you in your black or brass mailbox…sigh.  Okay nostalgia over — I promise I’m not so old that I remember milk deliveries or anything.

One of the things that makes going to the FabFitFun Boxmailbox worth it, is the newest fad — boxed subscriptions.  I get the FabFitFun Box, but there are so many other types (IPSY, Candy Club, Loot Crate, Boxycharm).  Pretty much all types of boxes to satisfy all different personalities — you can get your nerd on, channel your inner chef, give yourself a makeover — ask and you shall receive.

MagazineWhen I was deciding between which box I wanted to subscribe too there were a few things about the FabFitFun box that stood out to me.  The first reason is they don’t send samples in the box (like IPSY does).  They use full sized products so you can get a real appreciation for the item ( I like to use items more than twice).  The second reason is that it’s not JUST a make up box; they include fashion items, wellness items, & jewelry because life is about more than just make up.  The third reason is that you aren’t paying monthly for the box, with the FabFitFun subscription you are sent one box four times per year (one for every season).  You can have an annual subscription or a seasonal subscription — whichever you choose, make sure you sign up when there is a promotional deal (no need to pay full price).  With the boxes only mailed out four times per year, going to the mail box no longer feels like a chore… You’re getting a present every season.  It’s like having a birthday four times without actually aging….AHHH!  I’m sure all your interests have peaked!

Personally I have been subscribing to FabFitFun for the past year (so I have received a box for each season now).  For the most part I’ve been happy with my choice and I thought to help you (my lovely readers), I would review each item in the first box of  2017.  Spoiler Alert, if you also get this box and haven’t opened yours yet… BEWARE the surprise is about to be ruined!  You have now been warned!

  1. GYPSY 05 Roundie: Truthfully, I thing this item is useless.  When I opened it, I thought it was a table cloth.  I can’t say I go on picnics very often & when I go to the beach I normally sit on a towel — so I’m not sure I’m actually going to use it.  In the magazine that comes with the box they also suggest wearing it as a wrap if it were to get chilly at the beach.  As per the stylists of the box the retail value of this item is $50 — I would have never bought this out of my own accord.  I would give this item  ♥ heart out of 5. Gypsy Roundie
  2. BRIOGEO Leave-In Conditioner: This product is pretty good; I used it for the first time yesterday post shower.  It’s kept the fly-aways down and the frizz to a minimum and didn’t make my hair greasy over-night.  Bonus it also smells delicious.  The product is light weight — not in the sense that the bottle is light (which it is) but when you spray the conditioner in your hair it doesn’t even feel like there is anything in it…my hair doesn’t feel weighed down at all (yesterday or today).  The retail value for this product is $20. I would give this item ♥♥♥ out of 5 hearts. Leave In Conditioner
  3. DEBORAH LIPPMANN Nail Polish: The nail polish colors in the box were spring colors! You could receive 2 out of 3 colors — pink, blue or gray.  I got blue and gray… so far I’ve only tried the blue.  Since I love pink I was really hoping I would get the pink one.  I will likely never walk around with blue finger nails (since I’m not in junior high anymore) but it’s not a bad color for toes.  Having a pedicure done makes me even MORE excited for summer to arrive!  The estimated retail value for the nail polish is $19. I give this item ♥♥♥ out of 5 hearts.Nail Polish
  4. KARUNA Hydrating Face Mask: This is one of the products I was most excited about.  Every Sunday for “self love” I do a facemask.  Usually it’s nothing fancy, just a drug store brand — but I love the refreshed feeling you get after.  One of the best things about this face mask is that it’s already in the shape of a mask, it’s not a paste that you have to apply and wait for it to harden.  This means less mess!  The retail value of this product is $28. I give this item ♥♥♥♥♥ out of 5 hearts, but I could be biased. Face Mask
  5. REALHER Lip Kit:  If you want ultimately kissable lips, this is the lip kit for you!  Comes with a lip pencil, gloss and stick.  You can use each individually or use the pencil under either the gloss or the stick.  I’m more of a lipstick person myself (compared to gloss) because my hair is always getting stuck to the gloss…. not very pleasant.  The retail value is $48. I give this item ♥♥♥♥ out of 5 hearts — mwah. Lip Kit
  6. Milly Zip Pouch: This item is nothing special.  I often have wet swim wear that I have to pack in a plastic bag for the trek home.  With this stylish bag, I always have a place to keep my swim wear away from everything else — and bonus if I’m travelling I have a carrier for my liquid products! There are a few different selections of this item — Blue, Pink, Green or White and each bag has a different saying on the front.  Resting Beach Face, Slay All Day, Beach Please, OR Haute Mess. In my box I got the blue Beach Please — we didn’t have a choice.  As per the stylists at FabFitFun box the retail value is $45. I give this item ♥♥♥ out of 5 hearts. Beach Bag
  7. EMERALD DUV Bracelet: Each box always come with some form of accessory — in a previous box I got a necklace.  In this particular box you could get one of two items — earrings or bracelet. I got the bracelet.  This unique accessory is gold in color and adds a trendy touch to any outfit (day or night).  I was concerned that the bracelet would look too big on my wrist (since I have pretty small wrists) but in reality it actually looked great!  I haven’t seen the earrings so I can’t comment if they were equally nice.  As per the stylists the retail value of the bracelet is $80… truth be told I would defiantly not have paid that much for this item out of my own accord. I give this item ♥♥♥♥  out of 5 hearts. Bracelet
  8. Dr. BRANDT Microdermabrasion Exfoliator: This is a super interesting product; they claim to reduce fine lines and make your skin smoother and shiner. When I used it my skin burned a little — I’m not sure if that’s actually suppose to happen. But true to their word my skin did look fresher after I used it.  I paired it with an in shower facial product I picked up at a local drug store; my skin felt so good after this is going to be a weekly pampering for me.  The retail value of this product is $79.  I give this item ♥♥♥♥ out of 5 hearts.Microdermabrasion

Of all of the boxes that have been sent in the past year, my favorite box was the fall 2016 box by far.  Mainly because there were so many amazing things that I found useful.  One of them was a scarf, a to-go coffee mug, nude eyeshadow! I hope this post cleared up some of the mysteries that surround the “box subscriptions”.  Overall I would rate this subscription  ♥♥♥♥ out of 5 stars.


Trotting Traveller ♥

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