Shopaholics Unite…With Coffee Of Course

CoffeeHello, hello… or should I say, help! The past few blog posts were so easy to write, I would just sit in front of the computer and like magic, the words would just flow! This week, however, I have been sitting and staring at a blank screen, writing a few words and then erasing them… repeat cycle…many of you may have experienced something similar; the condition is called Writers Block and I am happy to say that I have developed a cure! Are you ready… Coffee & Retail Therapy — there is nothing shopping and espresso can’t fix (jee that’s a good tagline)!

Today actually felt like spring and bonus I didn’t need to wear my winter boots (news flash Canadian winters can be brutally cold) so I decided to check out one of the more hipster neighbourhoods in Calgary — Inglewood!  Inglewood is the city’s oldest neighbourhood, located near Fort Calgary and was the first main street — way back when.  Previously, the area was known as “East Calgary” or “Brewery Flats” before obtaining the name Inglewood in 1911.  Today Inglewood is an area full of energy, vibrant with art & culture and home to some fabulous boutiques.  In case this mini-history lesson wasn’t detailed enough you can check out more fun facts at

Okay, yawn fest over, let’s talk about the shopping!  The boutiques in Inglewood areTulle Skirt amazing and some even sell locally made items — we have some very talented designers here in Canada. The first store I visited is called Adorn Boutique, this store is small and girly (eek, my favourite type of store) full of frills, lace & pink — their hashtag is #wedopretty and boy do they ever.  They sell all types of clothes from rompers to tops to skirts to accessories.  They even sell items for future brides — so much glitz and glam in one place, I love it!  I bought a pink tulle skirt by space 46, I have no idea where I’m actually going to wear it, but I felt like a princess when I tried it on and that’s all that matters — SOLD! The sales people are lovely and helpful, they truly want you to be your beautiful self.  The price point is on the higher side but the quality of the items is great.  I would give this store ♥♥♥♥ out of 5 hearts! In case you want to peruse their clothes here is their website

EarringsAnother great store in Inglewood is Espy, this store is larger than Adorn Boutique and has items for both men and women!  In comparison to the first store, this one has more energy to it and they sell a larger number of brands including cupcakes & cashmere, Ted Baker & Au Noir. The large selection invites many different tastes and styles — a fashion lovers dream! Their accessory selection, however, sparse includes some fun pieces, I bought a pair of earrings (the designer — Foxy– is located in Toronto!) and a short sleeved blue sweater (no not a sweater to keep me warm in these Canadian Winters) but looks GREAT on — pair it with leggings or jeans and a fabulous new outfit is born. Some think that beauty is more important than practicality, my opinion on this matter changes day to day but I can tell you this — the cute shoes are rarely meant for walking.  (Mini digression here, when I was younger I wanted to be a fashion designer — I even had my own sketchbook — hmmm maybe someday).  The price point at Espy is lower than Adorn Boutique, the quality is excellent & bonus they have SALES, who doesn’t love sales?!  Overall I would give this store ♥♥♥♥ out of 5 hearts as well.  Now, I know this post has got you in the mood for some shopping soooo here you go — check out their website

The third store that I loved in Inglewood is called The Bamboo Ballroom. One of the greatVest things about this store is that they support local designers since 2005!  This store is adorable and they sell more than just clothing and jewellery — they sell bags and glassware and tea sets! Yes, tea sets — how cute is that.  A Mrs. Pots for everyone! This store only has clothing items for women however men may be interested to know that they sell Herschel tote bags and backpacks!  This store had the best sales section out of all the places I visited — 75% off! GASP! It’s practically free!! Even though I could have bought pretty muchDress everything in the store I settled on a white vest that ties on the side and a black and white sleeveless dress that would be perfect for travelling
— now I know that black and white is not exciting but I don’t own items like this so it was 100% worth it (see this is how I justify my shopping)!  The store only had 1 associate working but she was great — helped look for sizes and gave opinions on the items you were trying (even though I know that’s technically their job) she seem to actually enjoy what she was doing. Now that you’ve spent your life savings on the other two stores above… here is another website to visit I would give this store ♥♥♥♥♥ out of 5 hearts!

SculptureNow that I’ve bought myself more than enough presents it’s time to talk about the cultural activities in Inglewood.  Did you know there is an art gallery called the Esker Foundation that houses some very unique pieces?  I discovered it during my exploration of the area!  This is one of the larger galleries in Calgary that is privately funded and displays contemporary statues and paintings.  The current display showcases 7 Canadian artists (6 from Nunavut & 1 from Ontario).  Now I’m not going to pretend to be an art connoisseur that stares deeply at each piece humming and hawing over the meaning of each item. I can say that I do appreciate art — especially if it is pleasing to the eye.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t all that impressed with this exhibit.  The paintings looked like the “colour by number” that I did in elementary school.  Some of the sculptures were interesting but some of them were slightly terrifying — there was a spider sculpture and one of random masks — I was not super impressed.  But I do like to point out positives, the first yay is that entrance is free!  The second is that they change the display 4 times per year — thank goodness.  For more information about the art gallery and the exhibits, you can visit

Finally, no blog post of mine would be complete without discussing food and drink! Inglewood is home to one of my favourite pizza places Without Papers.  It is located on the second floor (they make you climb stairs so you burn the calories before you consume them — genius idea) a real hole in the wall place but the food is DELICIOUS.  They serve fresh, thin crust pizza and get this … they show a movie at the same time!  Movies and pizza — two of my most favourite things!  The two toppings I tried were the Marguerita pizza & the truffle pizza.  Now, I don’t normally like mushrooms, but the truffle pizza was AMAZING, didn’t have a strong mushroom taste but mixed with other seasoning made for an incredible pizza. Talking about this is making me really hungry now… hmmm maybe I should get delivery.  If you are visiting Calgary this is a “must eat at” place.  For their menu and more information check out

Overall, I love LOVE Inglewood,  the buildings are quaint with brick exteriors, the shopping is fantastic and the food is delicious.  I would recommend any visitor to Calgary to check out this area!  I give my day in Inglewood ♥♥♥♥♥ out of 5 hearts!


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