Welcome to the Trotting Traveller Lifestyle Blog!  You may be wondering what types of posts you can expect to read about here.  Well, my plan is to write about travel, books, food anything that enriches my soul.  I want to share my adventures and experiences with the world and hope that you can gain some insight or at least have a few laughs.

While reading my travel blogs it’s important to note that I don’t actually plan each moment of each day in advance.  I prefer to have an idea of the types of things I want to do and see but decide each day while on vacation what the day will hold.  Some people feel that this method is not efficient, but really who needs to be “efficient” while on vacation.  Deciding while at my destination allows for more spontaneous experiences!

I love books, however, when I started university there was more reading of textbooks and less reading for fun.  Now that school is DONE, I have started reading for entertainment again.  So stay tuned for some reviews on great or not so great books.

If you’ve visited the “About Me” page you’ll know that I love food.  Trying restaurants and new dishes is one of my most favourite things!  If you are also a foodie you can expect to read restaurant reviews — during my travels or even here at home.

Finally, with each blog post, you can expect to see some great pictures.  I love photography and sharing my favourite images with all of you.

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